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phoneparts offer phone parts ,iPhone parts

offer phone parts ,iPhone parts

Check Carrier Settings to know whether your iPhone is locked or not?

Check Carrier Settings
The simplest way to check if your iPhone is locked or unlocked, is to check your carrier settings, tab your ‘Settings’ on the home screen, then look for ‘Mobile’ or ‘Cellular’ tabs(if the device is set to American English, it will say ‘Cellular’ instead), then check for the option named Mobile Data Network (or Cellular

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08:02:42 27/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

The Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours

The dust has only just settled on Samsung’s excellent Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but the rumour mill has already started whirring concerning its successor.
Korean publication The Bell reports that work is already underway on what could well be the S9 (H/T SamMobile). It is claimed that the upcoming flagship will be codenamed ‘Star’, and ‘Star 2’ for

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How the iPhone screen works

Have you ever encountered any backlight issues of iPhone such as not being able to display normally, being uneven, too dim or yellow? Those issues seem a big headache for both us and our customers. Recently our team have researched on this and made an analysis as below. Let's have a look together, and you may find something unexpected.

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04:51:42 26/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Android Nougat update for Moto X Force

Motorola has rolled out the latest Android Nougat update for its Moto X-Force nokia replacement parts , as per a report ofPhoneArena. However, the update has just been rolled out in the United States for now but we expect it to soon be available for other regions as well. Motorola Moto X Force was launched in India way back in the year 2016

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04:12:32 26/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

How Apple avoid the ugly iPhone 8 design

It’s a brand new day, which means we have to deal with not one but multiple new iPhone 8 rumors, including one that puts an interesting twist on the new phone’s design. Buried in a series of leaks, a tweet indicates the iPhone 8 will have the great design we expect — the one that doesn’t involve hunting for the Touch ID sensor on the back.

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04:17:38 25/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Ways to reset your iPhone

Using Find My iPhone
Log into Find My iPhone website
Select your iPhone from the list of your device.
Click 'Erase iPhone' in your iPhone's information box.
Wait while your iPhone is erased.This process may take a little while to complete.
Set up your iPhone. After erasing your iPhone through Find My iPhone, you'll need to go through the initial

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07:49:51 24/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Apple and Nokia make nice in one of the shortest patent wars ever

In December last year, the Finnish firm alleged Apple had infringed on 32 of its patents, after Apple halted royalty payments over allegations of patent trolling.
Nokia filed 40 lawsuits worldwide, while also seeking to block US imports of devices it deemed to have infringed the patents in question.
However, before a repeat of the epic showdown

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04:39:42 24/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

How many do you know about the iPhone Screen Backlight

Below are the main causes leading to uneven, dim or yellow backlight.
1. As there is a light module on the upside of the screen, so it is thicker than bottom side, which causes uneven reflecting light. It is common to see on both original and copy backlight.
2. The light module quality is also the cause leading to backlight issue.
3. If the

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05:36:39 23/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

All-metal Moto G5S will launch

Android Authority has gotten hold of these images (click or tap to zoom) of the upcoming Moto G5S, allegedly obtained from a trusted source with knowledge of Lenovo's plans. The iphone parts wholesale is shown in grey, gold, and blue color options. From a design perspective, the only differentiation between the Moto G5S and the Moto G5 or G5

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05:11:09 23/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 which you want buy?

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 last year, we weren't overly impressed. While the build quality and features seemed decent enough, battery life hampered the experience enough to warrant a 3.5/5 overall score. Still, the iPhone 7 remains one of the UK's most popular smartphones, and it'll be top of the list for many looking to upgrade.

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05:11:47 22/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

How to reset your iPhone??

There are many cases that you need to hard reset your iPhone, when you do a hard reset, you force your iPhone to restart. If your iPhone is frozen, you can hard reset it by simultaneously pressing and holding the Power and Home buttons until your phone restarts, which won’t cause you to lose data on your iPhone. And if you’re facing serious

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07:44:20 19/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Millions of Americans don't make purchases on their smartphones for some reason

VentureBeat turned up some interesting stats on blackberry replacement parts ' relevancy to online shopping. Although $140 billion worth of sales were entirely made on smartphones in 2016, a significant count of American consumers – 29.1 million, to be exact, are yet to jump the gun and order something online completely through their mobile phone....
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05:15:32 19/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Ways to know the iPhone is locked or not


When buying a new iPhone, you may always want to know whether it’s unlocked or not. An unlocked iPhone can be used on any network while the locked one can only be used on the network the phone is locked to. So do you know exactly whether your iPhone is unlocked or not? You can try these ways.
1. Check Carrier Settings
The simplest way to check if

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08:09:36 18/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

AnTuTu List Reveals Oppo R11 Dual Camera Setup,Snapdragon 660

Oppo has released the official teaser for 'R11' and confirmed the presence of a dual-camera setup on the upcoming apple replacement parts . Interestingly, a benchmark listing of the smartphone has also been leaked online and suggests that the Oppo R11 will pack a Snapdragon 660 SoC.
In its official teaser for the R11, the upcoming smartphone

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03:38:19 18/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

iPad Mini 5: release date, news and rumors

The iPad Mini 4 launched more than a year ago, back in September 2015 in fact, so we’re long overdue a new model.Despite that, rumors of the iPad Mini 5 (or iPad Pro Mini as it might be called) are thin on the ground. But with the expected March release having passed by, it's tough to tell when it will happen, or if it ever will.In the

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04:05:23 17/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Things About iPhone Screen Backlight You Don't Know

Have you ever encountered any backlight issues of iPhone such as not being able to display normally, being uneven, too dim or yellow? Those issues seem a big headache for both us and our customers. Recently our team have researched on this and made an analysis as below. Let's have a look together, and you may find something unexpected.



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10:18:08 16/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Moto C and Moto C Plus launched as super affordable smartphones

There are two new budget Motorola restart phone - say hello to the super affordable Moto C and Moto C Plus.
The Moto C boasts a SIM-free price tag of just £89.99 ($97, about AU$150) and will be available in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific - including the UK - from sometime this Spring.
With the Moto C you get a 5-inch (854 x 480) display,

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04:00:48 16/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max,powerful and affordable 5.7-incher

Samsung's affordable J-line is home to some surprisingly capable cell phone screen replacement , and the upcoming J7 Max is prepped up to be the most powerful of the bunch. This photograph of its product presentation appeared online, revealing the handset's design and complete spec sheet. While the phone's looks aren't much to fawn over,

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05:01:20 15/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

2017,the means of Apple is "iPhone 8" or bust

Although not due for release until later this year, you’ve probably heard rumors and leaks regarding the Apple iPhone 8 for months at this point. With 2017 marking the 10th anniversary of the iPhone – a big deal to us humans, who are big fans of well-rounded numbers – expectations are high for the device that ushered in the age of smartphones,

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03:49:57 13/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Xiaomi Mi Home Store Launched in Bengaluru; Smartphone, Accessory Sales Begin Next Week

At an event in Bengaluru on Thursday, Xiaomi launched its first Mi Home store in India, with plans to expand more such stores to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad in the coming months. Speaking at the store's launch, Xiaomi Vice President Manu Kumar Jain, who leads the company's business in India, added that once these stores are

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05:12:24 12/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Vivo X9 NBA Edition launched in Blue colour

Earlier, the smartphone was available in Gold, Matte Black and Rose Gold colour options.
Vivo X9 Blue colour variant which is dubbed as Vivo X9 NBA Edition has officially gone on sale for purchase in China starting today. Earlier, the Mobile phone parts was available in Gold and Rose Gold colour options along with a Matte Black which was later

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08:22:39 11/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

LG G6,the first phone for HDR and Dolby Vision streaming

Oh, Gods of HDR streaming, you have finally blessed a Mobile phone parts with the Netflix stamp of approval, and for the first time in history we will be able to watch all those new or existing "wide color" shows shot in the flashy DCI-P3 gamut as their creators intended on the go with the smartphone in our pocket. Said phone in question is

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04:16:01 10/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Huawei to expand in tough PC market with new laptop

Huawei, the Chinese telecoms group, is expanding in the beleaguered PC market, undeterred by slumping sales and the demise of smaller players.
High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our T&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email

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03:37:53 9/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

Heavy phone traffic bogs down helpline No. 100

If you happen to see some murder happening in your area or someone looting a house, do not dial police helpline No. 100. There might be the possibility that either your call would be put on a long hold for three to four minutes or even your ipad battery replacement got held up till the time the call was picked up from the other side.
To verify

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04:33:16 8/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

The most beautiful phone ever has one wildly annoying issue

Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt the most beautiful, polished phone I've ever held.
For Samsung, it's also the most important phone. It represents a chance to restore buyers' confidence after the Note 7 battery disaster and an opportunity to cement the Samsung name as the top Android brand against rivals from Google, LG and OnePlus.

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08:42:21 6/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

AT&T ready to hang up on traditional landline phone service

linois customers stubbornly hanging on to your old landline telephone service, AT&T has a new plan for you: Switch to a modern alternative or face disconnection.
With traditional landline service dwindling to less than 10 percent of Illinois households in its territory, AT&T is pushing legislation in Springfield that, pending Federal

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joeparts 10:42:12 5/05/2017 [komentarzy 0] Komentuj

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